Spiral welded and rolled and welded steel pipes, besides being used in transmission systems, are used extensively in structural applications. Along with structural tubular pipe and standard tubular pipe, pipe pilings also make up a sizeable market where Northwest Pipe Company’s products are in high demand.

Screenshot_081315_041737_PMPipe piles or pilings are commonly used in deep foundations to transfer the loads from a structure to stronger soil layers or to rock formations found deep underground. The surface area of pipe piles interact with the surrounding soil to provide frictional resistance to the load, also called skin friction. Pipe can be driven either open-ended or closed-ended, with points or plates. When driven with plates, the pipe piles can be filled with concrete to further strengthen the piling. Steel pipe piles of various wall thicknesses and diameter are designed and manufactured to accommodate the load requirements of structures.

Northwest Pipe Company manufactures spiral weScreenshot_081315_041901_PMld double-submerged arc steel pipe with the most technologically advanced state-of-the-art equipment. Double submerged arc welding ensures optimum product integrity and strength. This process achieves 100 percent penetration welds that form a flawless seam – an integral part of the pipe. Our spiral products are noted for high quality and for competitive prices. 100 percent radioscopic and ultrasonic inspection capabilities are available. Northwest Pipe Company’s Adelanto, CA manufacturing facility is approved by the California Department of Transportation, Caltrans, for the Manufacturer’s Quality Audit for Steel Pipe Piling.

Northwest Pipe Company manufactures ASTM A53 standard tubular pipe for pressure and industrial applications in steam, water, gas and air lines. ASTM A500/A252 structural tubular pipe is manufactured for various construction and structural applications.