When heavy rainfall overwhelms a stormwater system, precast concrete underground stormwater systems detain the water for delayed release. Precast concrete structures are critical component in urban stormwater systems and can withstand not only the range of water flow volume, but extreme environmental and loading conditions.

Reliable Strength – Precast concrete maintains its strength over time while other materials can deteriorate, relax, or deflect. Precast concrete’s load-carrying capacity is derived from its own structural strength qualities and relies very little on surrounding soils, which is ideal for stormwater materials. Studies have shown that precast concrete products can provide a service life in excess of 100 years.

Inexpensive and Easy Install – Precast structures are modular, flexible to fit any design, and are ready for install immediately upon arrival at the job site. They are durable during storage and transportation, do not require special rigging to avoid structural damage, and are less susceptible  to damage during backfill, all while eliminating costly on-site cast-in-place concrete fabrication.

Controlled Quality – We manufacture all of our stormwater products in a controlled plant environment to ensure quality and uniformity. Fluctuating job site temperatures, curing conditions, and poor craftsmanship are eliminated in our plant environment.

NPCA Certified Plant – Geneva Pipe is a National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) Certified Plant. Our systems and experienced staff practice quality assurance at every step of the production process. Plant certification guidelines require procedures and products to be inspected during each phase of manufacturing to ensure compliance with rigid industry requirements. In addition to a training program and operational excellence plan, our maintain an active plant safety program that meets or exceeds local, state, provincial and federal laws, including Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

We manufacture many precast products to support stormwater management including box culverts, manholes, and vaults.

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