Sanitary Sewer

Precast concrete manholes are a fundamental component of any modern sewer system. Our precast concrete manhole sections provide superior watertight performance and the long-term performance. With installations at 500 feet deep, precast manholes and sanitary sewer components excel in a compressed environment and will stand strong for decades of trouble-free service.

Watertight Confidence – We manufacture our manholes to ASTM C-478 and AASHTO M199 standards with watertight sealants and gaskets. Vacuum testing at the plant or in the field verifies water tightness. Rest assured, our manholes provide a stable environment for years to come.Reduced Site Impact – Precast concrete manholes are easy to install. Modular manhole components don’t require the wait time associated with poured concrete or mortar curing. With our manholes being delivered on demand, there is a reduction to site truck traffic, dust, noise, debris—and more importantly—field crew staffing.

Long-term Security – With a specific gravity of 2.40 and superior frictional resistance, precast concrete manholes resist buoyant forces better than all other manhole materials for long-term maintenance-free conveyance of sewage and stormwater. Once installed, they stay put.

Smart Choice for LEED Projects – Precast concrete manholes are a smart choice for projects applying for LEED certification. Sustainable Sites Credits or Materials and Resources Credits may be available in relation to performance associated with Protect or Restore Habitat, Construction Waste Management, Recycled Content, and Regional Materials categories.

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