Industrial Pipe is the broader category order to describe the use of pipe materials for the transport of fluids and solids according to the needs of various industries. Steel pipes have been used in a wide number of industrial applications for more than a century.

Industrial_RubberlineSome of the industries for which steel pipes are regularly manufactured by Northwest Pipe Company include Manufacturing, Mining and Quarrying, Paper and Wood Mills, Construction, Structural and Agriculture. In the manufacturing industry, steel pipes are specified for high and low pressure air piping, steam exhaust piping, water supply piping and manifolds, filtration and cooling tower pipes, and intake and discharge piping.

In the mining and quarrying industry, steel pipes are used for wash water pipelines, hydraulic piping, sludge and trailing lines, and rubber lined pipes.  Paper and Wood Mills use steel pipes for compressed air lines, condensate piping, stock lines and ventilating lines and steam exhaust piping.

For general construction, some examples where steel pipe is utilized includes water pipelines, aerial, underwater and bridge crossings, ventilating lines, and tunnel liners and drainage pipelines. Structural applications with steel pipe include tanks legs, columns, containers, highway and railroad crossings, and of course pipe pilings. Finally, the agriculture industry is serviced by steel pipe for water supply and dewatering pipelines, surface and underground irrigation piping, and gravity spouts and blowpipes for grain handling piping.

Steel pipe’s inherent strength means less wall thickness is required to accommodate working pressure and capacity requirements than competing materials. This translates into savings on both transportation and installation. Since Northwest Pipe offers engineered systems, lengths can be customized to minimize the number of field joints required, further reducing costs. Steel pipe’s leak-proof design and high safety factor mean fewer operating troubles. Steel pipe has the best performance of all pipe materials in seismically active zones.