Permalok® is an interlocking push-joint system designed to withstand jacking forces of microtunneling, auger boring, pipe ramming, Direct Pipe® and other trenchless methods. Sizes range from 30-inch to 150-inch diameter and wall thickness as high as 2 1/2-inch is available if specified for the Permalok® T-5 and T-7 joints.  For casing pipe applications, the proprietary Permalok® product line eliminates the inefficient and costly practice of butt-fusing traditional steel casing pipe in the field.

Since 1997, over 2 million feet of Permalok® Steel Casing pipe has been installed on jobs where failure was not an option. That’s why Permalok® stands as the product of choice for trenchless contractors and engineers for their most important and challenging projects.

Permalok®’s proprietary interlocking pipe joining system provides numerous advantages and benefits to the contractor and project owner –

  • Eliminate field butt-welding, and associated down time
  • Save time and money, lower labor and equipment intensive processes of various pipe jacking methods
  • Flush on both the ID and OD
  • Reduced costs by significantly increasing productivity in the field
  • Unequaled precision and accuracy provided by a joint of consistent quality and integrity
  • Available in any length and size – up to 150-inch OD and 2 ½ -inch wall thickness
  • Quick and easy installation

Permalok®’s precision machined ends create a time-savings benefit, cutting jointing times by 90% or more from field butt welded joints. This means overall tunneling durations are significantly reduced, and periods of non-movement of the tunnel are kept to a minimum, reducing the potential for ground lost at the face or ceasing the tunnel due to ground squeeze or friction. Pipe is still flush on OD and ID, so pipe jacking and stringing of carrier pipe is unaffected.