Twin Oaks Treatment Plant

Twin Oaks Water Treatment Plant
CH2M Hill
General Contractor
Jacking Sub Contractor
Pipe Size
  • Pressure class design
  • Strength with low weight for safety and economy
  • High carrying capacity for increased performance
  • Ductility and reliability under stress Project Highlights
  • Bottle-tight joints to eliminate water loss
  • Adaptability in engineering and installation
  • Economy in installation and maintenance
  • Safety without sacrificing economy

The Problem

Population growth and federal water quality mandates are necessitating water providers across the country invest in new water treatment facilities. Shrinking water supplies are also demanding systems reevaluate how their “dirty” water is utilized. This is particularly true in the Southwest, where water scarcity and growth are nothing new. Northwest Pipe Company’s engineered steel water pipe systems repeatedly help communities across the U.S. build water treatment facilities.

In nearby San Diego County, water supply is scarce and demands are high. Northwest Pipe joined CH2M Hill Constructors on the Design/Build/Operate (DBO) Twin Oaks Water Treatment Plant. The new facility, just off of an existing aqueduct, will provide up to an additional 220,000 households with finished water. As a DBO contract, the project involved a high level of mid-construction design decisions. To keep the project running smoothly, Northwest Pipe representatives from sales, project management, manufacturing, engineering, and field operations met weekly with CH2M Hill for progress updates. This kept communication channels open so deliveries and design could be adjusted to meet all developing situational changes.

Water scarcity is not just limited to California. Communities in New Mexico also struggle to provide their residents with adequate supplies. In Albuquerque, the San Juan-Chama Project is underway to bring 110,000 acre-feet per year from the upper tributaries of the San Juan River, under the continental divide and into the Rio Grande. This water was allocated in 2006 to New Mexico as part of the multi-state agreement reached between western states vying for Colorado River water rights. Like the Orange County project, Northwest Pipe worked closely with the contractor, PCL Civil Constructors, to provide the entire scope of pipe needed for this important component to the San Juan-Chama Project.

These projects offer a sampling of the quality and service provided by Northwest Pipe Company. Large diameter, highly engineered steel water pipe systems save time and money by reducing field fit-ups and other issues inherent to commodity pipe materials. Northwest Pipe’s close coordination with the contractors allows for just-in-time shipments to space constrained jobsites, reducing costs and inconveniences to project neighbors.

The Solution

Steel Pipe is widely regarded as an economical choice for water transmission pipe systems. Steel Pipe is available in virtually any size and is available with a variety of internal linings and external coatings. Its long length makes it particularly well suited for engineered water transmission systems. Yet Steel Pipe’s long lengths aren’t a good match for fabricated plant piping, where short runs with numerous bends, outlets, valves and connections are more common. Nonetheless, Steel Pipe is still an ideal solution, primarily due to its flexibility. In an engineered steel pipe system, each piece is custom-made for the specific application. Fabricated Steel Pipe products can be used in above and below ground applications, interior or exterior, and can be configured to virtually any configuration that can be drawn. This fact makes Steel Pipe a highly preferred solution for use in practically all plant applications.

In Orange County, CA, years of groundwater withdrawals are depleting local aquifers and seawater is threatening to infiltrate the remaining fresh water. Using an innovative approach, the Orange County Water District developed a groundwater replenishment plan that involves treating wastewater and percolating it underground to prevent saline water from creeping in. This reclaimed water works into the groundwater and is eventually available for reuse as raw water. Building the Advanced Water Treatment Facility, contractor J. F. Shea worked closely with Northwest Pipe on the complex piping system called for in the plant design. Northwest Pipe was the only supplier to offer a complete pipe package. This simplified Shea’s bidding process because they only had to source pipe from a single supplier. Northwest Pipe even partnered with a fabricator to provide the stainless steel piping as part of their bid package. On bid day, when there are a illion details to juggle, complete bid packages are a value added resource to the contractor.

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