South Diversion Tunnel

South Valley Sewer District
Bowens & Collins Associates
General Contractor
Condie Construction Company
Jacking Sub Contractor
Claude R Nix Construction Inc
Pipe Size

1,930-ft of 58-inch OD x 0.625-inch Wall

The Problem

The Solution

To install approximately 2000-ft of 36-inch PVC sewer pipe across the River Bend Golf COurse in Riverton, a 2-pass method of construction was utilized where Permalok was used as the casing pipe, into which the PVC carrier pipe was then inserted. The Contractor, Calude Nix, installed the line in three separate sections of following lengths: a) 470 LF, b) 750 LF, and c) 710 LF. Soils were silty wet sands and clay. Tunneling and jacking was conducted utilizing an Akkerman TBM-WM58SC model 5000 with a 400 ton jack with intermediate jacking stations. All three drives were on a design slope of 0.25%.

Use of Permalok steel casing pipe eliminated down time for welding to allow continued progress of the tunnel through very wet soils that created challenging conditions for construction. Project was completed on schedule and within budget.

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