Rockaway Beach Sanitary District

City of Rockaway Beach
Bennett / Staheli
General Contractor
Cherrington Corporation
Jacking Sub Contractor
Pipe Size

4,300 feet of 16″ O. D. Permalok HDD with .500″ walls

The Problem

Install 4,300 feet of 16″ steel casing for installation of an HDPE liner pipe for a sanitary sewer ocean outfall. Limited lay down area for pre-staging, rough seas for ocean support equipment, and weld slag inside the casing impeding the installation of the HDPE liner were major concerns.

The Solution

Employing the Permalok HDD connection allowed the contractor to install 40′ sections of the casing from the drill rig side of the operation, eliminating the need for ocean support vessels. Smooth bore with no weld slag at the joints made installing the HDPE liner easy.

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