Naval Base Ventura County Conduit Installation

U. S. Navy
Brown & Caldwell
General Contractor
California Electric
Jacking Sub Contractor
Cherrington Corporation
Pipe Size

4,200 feet of 6″ O. D. extra heavy Permalok Steel Casing

The Problem

Install 4,200 feet of steel conduit under the Pacific Ocean on a curved bore path with a limited work space, which made it impossible to string out the conduit line ahead of time. In addition, the inside surface of the pipe could not have any burrs or rough edges that might snag, catch or cut the cables being installed inside the conduit.

The Solution

By using the new Permalok Type HDD connection, the contractor was able to install 30′ long sections of the conduit from the shore side of the installation and complete the entire 4,200 foot run of conduit in less than two days. Because the new HDD connection provides a smooth interior surface with no slag or protrusions common to welded joints, there was no concern of damage to the cables.

The Permalok HDD technology allowed the flexibility to follow the curved bore path and the pull-apart strength to resist any pull back forces applied to the conduit.

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