Rail Lines-Union Pacific RR-Milwaukee Rail Yard Project

Union Pacific Rail Road
General Contractor
Miller the Driller, Des Moines, IA
Jacking Sub Contractor
Pipe Size

600 feet of 72″ O.D. Permalok Steel Casing with 0.875″ walls

The Problem

Installing a storm drainage system across a 600-foot distance, beneath an existing rail yard of 32 rail lines. Friction was a concern because of the long distance; and conditions were wet, runny and sandy.

The Solution

Miller the Driller used Permalok Steel Casing with a state-of-the-art Akkerman TBM system for this challenging auger boring project. Miller the Driller chose the Permalok interlocking pipe system to overcome the wet, sandy conditions in the Union Pacific rail yard.

Since friction was a concern across the long distance, Miller the Driller used intermediate jacking stations to install the 72″ O.D. Permalok Steel Casing on line and grade.

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