Illinois DOT Rail Road Crossing Project

Peoria & Pekin Union Rail Road
General Contractor
Jacking Sub Contractor
Miller the Driller, Des Moines, IA
Pipe Size

50 feet of 122.5″ O.D. Permalok Steel Casing with 1.500″ walls

The Problem

Installing a 50-foot tunnel underneath a rail line, owned by the Peoria & Pekin Union Railroad, to create a new bike path. Shallow space under tracks and over surface slump and sandy soil conditions caused concern. Originally, the Illinois Department of Transportation wanted a box culvert for a walkway, but the project was changed over to specify round casing for a pedestrian tunnel and bike path.

The Solution

Miller the Driller chose Permalokā€™s 122.5″ O.D. Casing pipe for the project. The Casing pipe was fitted with an inverted bell-pipe adapter to reduce the overall diameter to 80″. An 80″ ram cone was then connected to the adapter, which further reduced the diameter to 30 inches, and a 30″ ram cone made the final connection. Five 10-foot casings were successfully installed while the project was monitored closely for surface slump. Sandy soil conditions made subsidence a real risk but Miller the Driller used pneumatic pipe ramming technology to connect the Permalok interlocking rings.

The successful pipe ramming project was one of the largest-diameter pipe ramming projects Miller the Driller had attempted to date, and also qualified as one of the largest ever in North America.

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