Delta Power Plant Intake/Discharge

Delta Power
General Contractor
CH Schwertner Construction
Jacking Sub Contractor
Bradshaw Construction
Pipe Size

930’ of 59” OD x 1.625” wall & 525’ of 59” OD x .750 wall

The Problem

To install a steel casing through rock and liquified silt into the Susquehanna River to facilitate construction of intake and discharge cooling water lines for a new 545 mega watt power plant.

The Solution

Since over 900’ of the casing would be installed in soft liquified silt, it was necessary for Permalok® to design a casing heavy enough to overcome the uplift forces. This was accomplished by using 1.625” thick pipe and installing cast iron counterweights in the pipe invent. The .750” wall pipe was in solid rock where uplift was not an issue.

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