Agness Road, Rogue-Siskiyou National Forest

U.S. Forest Service/Dept. of Interior
U.S. Forest Service
General Contractor
Freeman Rock Enterprises
Jacking Sub Contractor
Pipe Size

197 feet of 120″ O.D. Permalok Steel Casing with 1.25″ walls

The Problem

Install a new 120″ diameter culvert to replace a failing corrugated pipe that carried an environmentally sensitive creek under a forest service roadway 45 feet above in a remote location 13 miles inside the forest. In addition, the creek was an active salmon spawning area and the installation had to be accomplished during a specific five-week window.

The Solution

By using Permalok Steel Pipe, the contractor was able to install the entire drive in only eight days and complete the installation within a deviation of only 1/4″ horizontally and 4-1/2″ vertically – a record for this size pipe.

The contractor estimated that it would have taken three to four days to weld each section, as well as additional time to inspect and repair each weld, making installation of the project in the five-week window nearly impossible.

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